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Without You, I Would Be Nothing

Without You, I Would Be Nothing_ebook.jpg

One life.

  One hundred micro-memoirs.

One woman’s remembrances told in one hundred word vignettes.


Filled with honesty, humor, and a keen sense of self-awareness, Without You, I Would Be Nothing chronicles the lessons Brooke L. Davis has learned during her half century of life.


Raised in Indiana during the seventies and eighties (when the hair was big, the colors were bright, and the music was epic), Davis recounts precocious girlhood escapades, unpredictable life detours, and the eventual sobering realization of her own mortality.


Each crisp one hundred word micro-memoir takes the reader on a journey through universal themes such as navigating childhood, surviving a serious illness, coming of age, and enduring sorrow as those we love pass on. Most of all, her memories are a nod to how the powers of family and place influence and shape us.


Whether uprooting a houseplant and repotting it in her bathroom sink as a six-year-old or musing on an eclipse that darkened the sky two days after her father’s viewing, Davis’ stories weave together a sometimes humorous, sometimes heartbreaking tale that is both timely and relatable.

Book praise...

"This memoir made me smile and at least once brought a tear to the eye; a lovely memoir." - Brian - Amazon 

"Memoirs are one of my favorite genres to read, and I especially enjoyed reading this collection of 100-word vignettes culled from the author's life thus far. I would compare it to looking through a scrapbook of photographs and remembering the stories behind each picture. The author did a great job of tailoring each story to 100 words, which I imagine must have been quite challenging." - Somanybookstoread - Net Galley Reviewer

"A quick, enjoyable read. Less than 100 words long, each chapter is a brief vignette from the decades of Davis’ life. I was interested because we hail from the same era. Some of her memories could have been my childhood, especially the Midwestern background. Although very brief, she provides enough information for readers to have a fairly good grasp of her life." - Janilyn - Goodreads

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