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I was born and raised in southeast Indiana, growing up on eighty acres that encompassed lush rolling hills, a large lake, and thick hardwood forests. My time in the country and my fond memories of the peace, wide open spaces, and calming sounds of nature continue to shape where and how I spend my time.


I began writing seriously in 2013, needing an outlet for my never-ending creativity. Stories would often (and still do) come to me unbidden, usually through old photographs. Instead of ignoring my ideas, I honored them by giving them a home on the page. My historical fiction novels attempt to honor the unique voices, characters, and landscapes of each story.


I graduated from Indiana University, Bloomington with a degree in finance, and hold an MBA in finance from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. In 2015, after over twenty years working in finance and cash management, I left corporate America. I’m now thrilled and very fortunate to be a full-time writer. When I'm not plotting shenanigans for my book characters, I enjoy watching sports, hiking in the mountains, or dabbling in photography.


I’ve lived in the American West for over a quarter-century and (dream of) splitting my time between Colorado and Montana.

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