Currently based in Denver, Colorado, I left corporate America after a twenty-plus year stint where I worked in various areas of finance – usually in the role of Chief Change Champion (not my official title but it probably should’ve been).

After the last company I worked for was bought out, I chose not to return to finance after figuring out my passion is creativity instead of manhandling data sets, and someone who earned C’s in math and secretly wrote novels at work shouldn’t be in the number-crunching game.

I'm an author who enjoys writing short stories, humor, poetry, and historical fiction.


My freelance work focuses on content in the Health & Wellness and Personal Growth niches.

When I'm not freelancing or plotting shenanigans characters can get into in my next novel, I can be found watching sports, hiking in the mountains, or dabbling in photography.


A native of Indiana, I've called Colorado home for over decades.

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