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The Crow - Banished

You have stayed too long

like an unwanted houseguest

perched in a dim back corner

judging me in silence.

I fed you the warm sustenance

of discarded scraps of psyche,

and your black feathered body

grew plump

on all that tormented, oppressed

and left me shattered.

Twisted yet comforted,

I hated you yet remained afraid

of life without your presence.

But now you must leave,

(I am not asking, I am demanding).

Vacate the perch, take your

black beady eyes, your incessant beak

that pecks at juicy morsels.

Fly on burnt wings,

crash into the white sky,

and fall lifeless.

You are banished

no longer welcome

in a redecorated room

with light filled corners

a new clean place

where dark demons

cannot survive.


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